Latex Rubber Dress

westward bound the box 29/03/2022

Westward Bound clothing featured in exclusive collection as part of multi-million pound cultural project

If you’ve been wondering what we’ve been up to over the last little while, we’ve got some exciting news. We’ve created several garments for The Box museum in Plymouth, which has recently received a multi-million-pound investment.  This is a huge honour for our brand and a testament to our bold, individualistic approach to clothing design. Our founder and managing director Steve Beech explains more. What is The Box? The Box is Plymouth’s major new museum, art gallery and archive and is the result of a recent £46 million cultural spend.... Read More

Volcanic rocks and stunning countryside plus the beauty of hayley in a latex dress by top designer Westward Bound. 15/05/2018
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Out and About in Westward Bound Latex with Hayley Hartley. Drake’s Island, Plymouth, Devon.

Up with the lark and into the kayak, pure inspiration and dedication by top latex fashion model and Westward Bound Brand Ambassador, Hayley Hartley. A morning out with photographer Jon Cooney to take advantage of the glorious sunny weather and the natural beauty of Plymouth’s enchanting coastline. Mixing it with our latex clothing was a stroke of pure genius. Sticking to the small landing beach on the island, Hayley and Jon grabbed some stunning shots that truly reflect the majestic beauty of Plymouth, the choice of HQ for Westward Bound.... Read More

Customer photo gallery in latex clothing by Westward Bound. 23/12/2017
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Are you in our customers in Westward Bound latex clothing collage? A selection of images that hit our radar in 2017.

We thought it would be fun to release a customers in our latex clothing photograph collage over the Christmas Holidays, it is a special thank you for tagging us in your social media; we simply love it when you do this. As a designer and manufacturer we all always thrilled when we see our clothing being worn, it makes what we do super-worthwhile. With the majority of our sales going overseas it is wonderful when you tag us on location, it acts as a mini geography lesson; not the sort... Read More

Latex Pussycat invades rubber fashion shoot for Westward Bound. 22/11/2017
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Artwork photo shoot for the Dom Élégance Latex Clothing Collection, Options.

With our brand new latex clothing collection being launched we needed to create a photograph that represented its quality and thought processes. What better than to hold a photo shoot within a pleasant Georgian house in the natural beauty of Devon, England. Being proud of our identity and heritage as a design style company the correct image is of paramount importance. Subtle nods to lineage and references pervade throughout, look out for the “Arts and Crafts” Chalice as well as a certain piece of  artwork by Jamie Reid that reflects... Read More

Dom Elegance Latex clothing collection by fashion designer Westward Bound. 09/10/2017
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NEW Latex Collection. Dom Elègence by Westward Bound. A small reflection on a massive amount of work, a pure labour of love and what you would expect from a célèbre couturier latex.

2018 is heading our way and we are extremely excited at Westward Bound. We have been working flat out since the spring of 2017 on pulling together classic and stylish brand new latex clothing designs; the Dom Elègence Collection. The design narrative has been the fetish/BDSM roots of the latex “dressing for pleasure” scene fused with the high-end fashion sense and style that you would expect from a célèbre couturier latex. We thought it would be fun to share a few advance images with you. The models and photographers working... Read More

Stevie Boi sbshades Noir collection and westward Bound latex clothing design 24/09/2017
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Stevie Boi launches his NØIR Collection for 2018 with Westward Bound Latex. New York Fashion Week, September 2017.

With eyewear designer Stevie Boi’s NØIR BY SB S/S 18 designed to capture a darker, edgier feel, a joint collaboration with Westward Bound Latex proved a natural fit. Stevie has earned his high-end reputation for creative eyewear, he has created Individual couture glasses designed especially for Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Madonna, Britney Spears, Katy Perry and many other A-list celebrities. Contact from his office proved a pleasant day and things moved quickly at our design HQ in Plymouth, Devon. We were more than delighted to facilitate this collaboration for New... Read More

Model shoot with Jon Cooney and Hayley in Westward Bound latex dress. 20/08/2017
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Early morning, beautiful location latex fashion shoot in Saltburn-by-the Sea, North Yorkshire. August 2017.

Up early in the morning. Behind the Scenes – A rainy day at Westward Bound HQ in Devon, glad to see our friends the photographer Jon Cooney and model Hayley Hartley are making the most a location shoot on the Victorian pier in the beautiful coastal town of  Saltburn-by-the-Sea. Shot in the early hours of this morning, all looks perfect and worth a visit. As those who know Westward Bound well will have noticed, we like to promote and enhance the aesthete. This applies equally to art, fashion and the... Read More


Much than just a latex clothing brand, for us it is about art, style and culture. From Paris and back again in 90 years.

Love this – Westward Bound is much more than a clothing brand, for us it is about art, style and culture. From Paris and back again; a quick resume of a 90 year circle – Art Deco Latex Styling, how did this happen? A potted history: The original latex Maid’s Uniform was designed and hand made in Plymouth, Devon, England by Westward Bound. The concept arose during a visit by our Head of Design, Sarah, with our friends model Ophelia Overdose and photographer Moritz Maibaum to the beautiful Bigbury Beach and... Read More

Honest review of Westward Bound Latex fashion clothing. 27/04/2017

Le Salon de Frivolités de Mlle Caroline independent blog review on Westward Bound’s Miss D’Lite Suspender Latex Dress.

We though it would be fun to share this independent blog review on a Westward Bound Latex Dress by a customer in France, Le Salon de Frivolités de Mlle Caroline. Crédits photographiques : Marine Hardy. Le Salon D’Essayage. Porter du Latex.  For the purpose of this page we have translated the entry from French into English using the Google Translate facility. “It was a few years since I wanted to try to wear latex, without really having the opportunity. I took the plunge a little more than a year and... Read More

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How Does Latex Make You Feel? Win £250 By Filling Out Our Survey

Whether you’re only just beginning your latex adventure or you’re a veteran in the subculture; we want to hear from you!   At Westward Bound we want to take a closer look at subcultures and identities across the UK, with a focus on the fetish and latex subculture and the feelings it evokes. We’re interested in how latex makes people feel, and the ways in which people interact with subcultures for self expression.   We want to know what attracts our customers to latex, and the link latex has to... Read More