June 2017


Our Survey Asked – How Does Latex Make You Feel?

Westward Bound was born amongst the London punk scene of the 1970s. From the beginning, we saw latex as something transgressive: latex is high-fashion, with a high end appeal. There has, however, always been somewhat of a divide between latex worn for fashion reasons and latex worn for fetish reasons, or as part of a subculture. While these two things clearly can work side by side, we were interested in looking a little more deeply at exactly why people today are wearing latex. We surveyed 750 of our customers to... Read More

Selfie by Sister Sinister for new rubber clothing collection for 2018 11/06/2017
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New. Dom Élégance Collection, 2018. Hot Latex Images arriving on our desk, featuring Sister Sinister.

As an original latex design and manufacturing company we get mega excited when new concepts translate into ideas in our studio in England, the level of anticipation rises as these translate into brand new garments. As you can appreciate so much work goes into each new item of clothing that by the time initial shots start arriving back from the models we are bursting with excitement and want to share them with you. The past nine months have seen our design team develop an entire new collection for 2018; the... Read More