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All payments made to Fortuna and Virtu Ltd t/a Westward Bound.

Major Credit / Debit cards accepted. The card must be registered at invoice address.

Cards are debited at point order placed and accepted.

Orders are only accepted after clearance of funds.

PayPal Payment Requests.

Payment must be made immediately order placed. In the event we have not received cleared payment within 48 hours of order transaction, your order will not be accepted onto our system.

Orders accepted via Bank Transfer by prior written arrangement.

Payment must be made by close of Banking the following day that order is placed.

All payments made in UK Pounds Sterling.

Delivery Times.

Dispatch is three to four working days when all items ordered are available from stock.* These items are clearly separated within the "Available From Stock".

Made for you and dispatched within seven working days is available when selecting our Gold Fast Track service, 14 working days when utilising our Silver Fast Track facility.

Standard Service. Please allow within 25 working days for dispatch when a garment has to be made for you.

We reserve the right to charge a 20% cancellation/order amendment fee if garments are being made specifically for a customer and are cancelled/amended more than one working day after being placed. N.B. Items go into production after a one working day cooling-off period, from this point we are carrying out work and using raw materials on your behalf and upon your instruction. Fast Track fees are non-refundable.

As you can appreciate, we offer latex clothing in 11 sizes and 35 colours with 35 trim colour options. If not in stock, we make the garments as ordered. In this way, you get a garment made to your requirements and this is naturally reflective in time requirements for delivery.

* Stock items will be sent within three to four working days when ordered on their own, or together with other in-stock items. When ordered with items which are out of stock or need to be manufactured, all items will fall within the 20 working day dispatch time frame.

All time frames are given in good faith. We are unable to accept responsibility for any delay due to events beyond our control. These include what is euphemistically called an "Act of God". 

Christmas and New Year Holidays.

Our office and manufacturing department will be closed from Monday, 21st December 2020 until Monday, 4th January 2021. From the point of view of order fulfilment, this time is classed as seasonal non-working days. All orders placed during this period will be accepted as having been placed on Monday, 4th January 2021.

Adding to Orders.

Any additional items required need to be placed as a brand new order and cannot be added to any order already placed.

Postage and Packaging.

All goods sent under plain packaging and without identifying mark as to sender.

In case of non-delivery and parcels being returned to us, we use our street address:
2 Tavistock Place, Plymouth PL4 8AU on all parcels.

We do not use the company or website name on any parcels.

P&P is a flat rate, irrespective of a value of goods ordered. See below:

UK Special Offer. Free UK Delivery (Fully Insured) on Orders Above £250.00.

  • Dispatched at point order full. Delivery is one working day thereafter.

UK Express (Fully Insured). 

  • Dispatched at point order full. Delivery is one working day thereafter. £9.50.

European Union.

  • Dispatched at point order full. Delivery is 3 to 5 five working days thereafter (Fully Insured). £15.00.
  • Via DHL including Packstations. Dispatched at point order full. Delivery is 1 to 3 working days thereafter (Fully Insured). £18.00.

International - Rest of the World.

  • Dispatched at point order full. Delivery is 7 to 10 working days thereafter (Fully Insured). £25.00.
  • Parcelforce International. Dispatched at point order full. Delivery is 2 to 5 working days thereafter (Fully Insured). £50.00.

All delivery options are based upon the order being fully in stock / made for you, and at the point of dispatch.

Packages not delivered/collected and returned to us are subject to flat rate P&P costs for re-dispatch.

Import Duties (Outside EU).

Import duties liable as per requirements of individual Country.

Returns, Exchanges and Refunds.

We appreciate that you will need to see the garments to be fully satisfied with your purchase. Balanced against this we naturally have to stipulate some restrictions that are in line with the UK Consumer Contracts Regulations 2014.

We advise you send goods to be "signed for" via special delivery or recorded post. We can not accept responsibility for items lost in transit.

Please ensure you check your garment upon delivery, you will need to notify us via email to within 24 hours if there is a problem with your order.

If the garments you have ordered have a manufacturing fault or are not what you have ordered, we will naturally repair, exchange or issue a credit note. We cannot be held liable for misuse of a lack of care by a customer. All items are individually checked prior to dispatch.

We reserve the right to charge a 30% handling and restocking fee for goods made-to-order specifically for a customer. Delivery costs and our Fast Track service are not refundable.

If you have ordered the wrong size, please return the garment for an exchange to the correct size.

Size exchanges are subject to a handling fee of 15% of the full cost of the item. The original garment/s having been made specifically for you, as per the measurements you previously supplied. If Fast Track is required for this exchange, you will be charged this service fee again.

Additional Requirements when Returning Goods from Outside of the EU.

The following information must be clearly written on the customs form: 'RETURNED GOODS (CLOTHING). NO COMMERCIAL VALUE".

Please ensure that you complete all courier paperwork confirming that the items are being returned to their original country of export. This may involve attaching a copy of your invoice from us as proof. Failure to do this will render customs liable on the return.

We will regrettably refuse/invoice you the full cost for any parcels that have had this charge added. The onus naturally falls upon you to ensure all documentation is completed in full.

For further information and returns form please visit our Returns page.

Latex Surcharges.

Due to the base cost of sheet rubber, an additional levy of 15% is regrettably placed on Bronze, all Transparent, Semi Transparent and Pearl Sheen Colours (does not apply to trims). This surcharge is clearly shown at the time of purchase.

Fast Track.

Fast Track items only qualify as such when ordered with other garments that are in stock or that are Fast Tracked. We do not part dispatch.

Please note that Fast Track surcharge classes as a service provided and as such do not form part of the material value of a returned / cancelled item ordered via this option.

The base price of the garment being as originally shown and it is this price that will be exchanged against, credited or refunded.

Our invoice shows the fast track surcharge within the price of the garment for convenience only.

Take Care of your latex.

You agree that Latex by its own nature is a fragile material and great care needs to be taken in its handling and storage. If treated correctly, your garment will last you for many years.

Latex is inherently flammable and must be kept away from naked flames.

Latex tears easily and you need to avoid sharp objects, long nails can be a major source or indenting or even ripping a garment.

Avoid direct contact with metal objects as these can lead to staining.

Take care when putting on your latex clothing, we recommend using our M043 Rub-Her Silicone Based Lubricant. This liquid not only acts as a dressing aid, enabling the smooth pulling on of your garment, it also is a polishing liquid enabling you to obtain the desired high gloss effect.

When taking off your latex clothing you must ensure you clean it properly by lightly washing it in tepid soapy water (a mild washing-up liquid will suffice) to remove any sweat or silicone from the surface of the latex. Pat dry with a soft towel or hang to dry.

Give your garment a light dusting with talcum powder to prevent the surfaces from sticking together.

Hang in a dark place, we additionally advise placing a black bag over the garment and hanger to help ensure it is kept as dark as possible.

If you do not wish to hang the garment, talc then loosely fold and place the item in a black plastic bag. Place the bag in a dry, dark place. Ensure you place tissue paper between the latex and any metal fastenings or buttons to avoid any possibility of staining

Always remember that the sun's ultraviolet rays have a degrading effect upon latex. Keep out of direct sunlight.

When taking out of storage use our M006 Rubberotix Polishing Liquid to remove all traces of talcum powder and your garment is ready to be worn once again.

Natural Rubber Latex Allergy.

Our Latex Garments are produced from Natural Rubber Latex as opposed to butyl - or petroleum-based synthetic rubbers.
Natural rubber latex (NRL) is a milky fluid obtained from the Hevea brasiliensis tree, which is widely grown in South East Asia, and other countries. NRL is an integral part of thousands of everyday consumer and healthcare items.

The proteins contained with NRL can cause allergic reactions to Latex. More than 40,000 products used in homes, schools and medical settings contain latex, including common items such as condoms, rubber bands, balloons, carpet backing, surgical and examination gloves, clothing elastic, toys, sink mats, foam pillows, anaesthesia equipment, IV catheters, elastic bandages, adhesive tape, electrode pads, etc.

People who are allergic to latex may also react to banana, avocado, kiwi fruit, chestnut, plum, peach, cherry, apricot, fig, papaya, tomato, potato and some other plant foods. The list is still growing. The reason is that these plants contain proteins, which are similar enough to latex proteins to react with our allergy-producing antibodies to latex.

Latex allergy, or hypersensitivity, occurs when the body's immune system reacts to proteins found in NRL. Some individuals have specific antibodies, called IgE antibodies, that make them hypersensitive to the proteins in NRL. IgE-mediated reactions to latex proteins are responsible for most, and for the most severe allergic reactions to latex.

The onus is on you the consumer to ensure that you do not have a latex rubber allergy prior to making a purchase.