Red Label Latex Collection.

Customer photo gallery in latex clothing by Westward Bound. 23/12/2017
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Are you in our customers in Westward Bound latex clothing collage? A selection of images that hit our radar in 2017.

We thought it would be fun to release a customers in our latex clothing photograph collage over the Christmas Holidays, it is a special thank you for tagging us in your social media; we simply love it when you do this. As a designer and manufacturer we all always thrilled when we see our clothing being worn, it makes what we do super-worthwhile. With the majority of our sales going overseas it is wonderful when you tag us on location, it acts as a mini geography lesson; not the sort... Read More

plus size latex clothing designs with added curve appeal by Westward Bound 30/01/2017
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Latex with curve appeal. Darklings Doll looks stunning in our Bordelle-L’Amour designs, shot by Toon De Vos in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Latex with curve appeal. Darklings Doll looks stunning in our Bordelle-L’Amour designs mixed with a Faux corset from our Red Label Collection. We are overjoyed with the end result of this shoot with Toon de Vos in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. The lace printed bra and skirt are set off beautifully by the plain black corset.  Great work.

Online review of Westward Bound's Audrey Latex Dress. 24/11/2016
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Great customer photo and Audrey Latex Dress review. Lust Wanderlust in London, UK.

We take great pride in the latex clothing we design and make at our workshops in Devon, England. One of the things we really love is when our garments are tagged in social media, this give us a chance to see the true end result, our designs on you our customer; it is a real buzz. This photo of Lust Wanderlust in Westward Bound’s Audrey Latex Dress was tagged on Facebook and we subsequently shared it on our own social media pages and now on this blog page. To quote... Read More