March 2017

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How Does Latex Make You Feel? Win £250 By Filling Out Our Survey

Whether you’re only just beginning your latex adventure or you’re a veteran in the subculture; we want to hear from you!   At Westward Bound we want to take a closer look at subcultures and identities across the UK, with a focus on the fetish and latex subculture and the feelings it evokes. We’re interested in how latex makes people feel, and the ways in which people interact with subcultures for self expression.   We want to know what attracts our customers to latex, and the link latex has to... Read More

Latex Dress by Westward Bound worn by Australian Burlesque Star Ivy Rose Raven. 15/03/2017

Australian Burlesque star Ivy Rose Raven is extra hot in Westward Bound Semi Transparent Latex.

As part of our ongoing collaboration with Sydney based photographer Leslie Liu, we were thrilled to receive this great shot of Australian Burlesque star Ivy Rose Raven in our Delicious Latex Dress, the garment looks extra hot in Semi Transparent Black rubber. Leslie is big in the Sydney scene and his work is greatly admired across the globe.  We love his images.