How Does Latex Make You Feel? Win £250 By Filling Out Our Survey

Whether you’re only just beginning your latex adventure or you’re a veteran in the subculture; we want to hear from you!


Photographer: Jon Cooney. Model: Alex Reeve Location: Smeaton’s Tower (Eddystone Lighthouse) The Hoe, Plymouth, Devon. UK.

At Westward Bound we want to take a closer look at subcultures and identities across the UK, with a focus on the fetish and latex subculture and the feelings it evokes. We’re interested in how latex makes people feel, and the ways in which people interact with subcultures for self expression.


We want to know what attracts our customers to latex, and the link latex has to personal identity. How did you find this subculture? Does wearing latex boost your confidence and empower you?


We’re also curious about the idea of latex becoming more mainstream: is a move into conventional culture something that is appealing to our customers, or are you put off by celebrities making a fashion statement through latex without understanding the heritage behind the movement?


Whatever your opinions, we’re dying to hear them – we’ve put together a simple survey on latex subculture, so you can let us know all your ideas. There are some simple yes and no questions, plus a space for you to jot down any additional thoughts that you’d like us to know. As a bonus, if you complete the survey you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win £250 to spend on women’s latex and men’s latex at Westward Bound!
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  • Shane edenloff

    Confident. Fetish. Sexy. Provocative. Sexy. Tight feelings.

  • Leevi Karjalainen

    I’m a 24yo male, who’s had a history of being that quiet guy in class who never had any relationships. I discovered goth scene at the age of 19 and pvc along with it. My self confidence started building up from that point on.

    At the age of 21, i ordered my first pvc outfit. This was a stepping stone of sorts for me, as i was fascinated about latex at the time, but lacked the funds and i still had too many doubts to go all the way. Would shiny clothing even suit me? How will people view me? Will i be able to even relax in public while wearing it?

    As it turns out, it felt amazing, and i felt like i was the center of attention in the most positive of ways, getting attention from males and females alike (though i appreciate the latter a bit more). Less than a year later i ordered my first full latex outfit. Shirt, jacket, neck-tie, trousers, boxers and even socks, all made out of latex. Cost me my entire tax return, but my god it was so worth it.

    As you might imagine, wearing it felt so much better than pvc that i’ve kind of started calling pvc “poor man’s latex”. I absolutely love wearing it (my latex ensemble) at events that may or may not be kink related. In fact, the less the event has to do with kink, the more attention i receive. Recently, i’ve added another complete outfit to my wardrobe; combat trousers, sleeveless T-shirt and a biker jacket (once again, all strictly ouf of latex). I’m planning to wear that outfit at Saarihelvetti metal festival in Finland this summer if the weather works in my favor. going to be stuff of legends if it comes to pass.

    As for how i feel about latex becoming mainstream, i think it’s probably going to be a fad, like Pokémon Go or Angry Birds. Celebrities will probably eventually let it go and people will move on until it resurfaces again, as often happens with trends. I don’t mind it personally, and it has sparked genuine interest about it. I mean, usually the first thing that people say to me is that i look great, immediately followed by “where did you buy it from?” or “how do you take care of it?”, usually leading into a lengthy conversation, on a topic that happens to be one of my favourites; the world of latex. 🙂

  • Katrina

    . Latex gives you an entire new six sense. It’s the best cover to human skin on earth.

  • Naida Black

    I love latex because it hugs all of my curves just right and makes me feel a little like a superhero when I’m wearing it.

  • Sarah Gow

    Sexy, dominant and confident.

  • Hugh McDonald

    I love wearing Latex as it makes me feel powerful, sexy and yes it is incredibly erotic and a real turn on.

    I love being around people wearing it. I feels as though there is an air of excitement about it, yes even a free son

  • Jacqueline Otto

    Latex is one of my favorite materials to wear. It is soothing and cool and comfortable and makes me feel alive. I would be happy to see it become more mainstream and of people want to know more about it they can learn or they can just enjoy the beauty and luxury of it and how it makes them feel. I found the subculture through my fiancee, and it makes me feel stronger and more beautiful when I get to wear it.

  • Tracey

    It depends on my mood,always feels special,sexy,its a bit like going over Niagra Falls in a barrel ,its my sword and shield,a focal point,it guarantees that second glance….its many things like me its my flexible friend….

  • Van dyck ian

    My first piece of latex was kinda cheap quality and i had a bad vision of it.
    When someone told me that wearing latex of higher quality …. i would have more fun and enjoyment of it.
    I bought my first short at westwardbound like 5years ago and it still lives. The tornment it went trough is horrific.
    Latex in a ikea iron closet…
    Not knowing about the negative sides of iron vs latex. I had to repair it but i learned quickly.
    Latex wearing is an addiction : you cannot stop wearing and buying. There are so many shops that has latex candy waiting to be bought gor every kinkster around. The feeling is overwelming, the cold feeling of latex gliding over your body and when you skin touches it … the cold switches with a warm glow iver whole your body.
    The short is still around but the feeling is more intense when i wear catsuits or multi layers of latex.

    Try it … you will get addicted pretty fast. 😉
    Much regards

  • Nicole Klimsa

    if i wear latex i feel so sexy, feminime, wild, sweat, pure love, the feeling makes me horney, and it looks great sexy and comfortable!!!!!

    i wanna win because i need more latex in my collection from westward bound 😉

  • Richard johns

    Love it on me and my wife. Makes me feel very sexy and looks and feels amazing on my wife. Just wish I could afford more.

  • Richard johns

    Love the look and feel of latex. Always looks amazing on my wife. Just wish I could afford a whole wardrobe for her.

  • Jaret

    On my god!!!!!!!! I love latex it is the nose amazing product in the works and westward bound does it the best everything fits so nice I have never get anything like it in my life keep up the good work westward bound

  • Latex Model Boy

    Latex gives me the power to transform into a totally different person. It opens up my sexuality. My style is very androgynous. I like playing with genders to blur what people find attractive. I greedily pick all the best/sexiest elements and combine them into one persona and latex makes that fun and exciting. I get messages of thanks from others who now explore their kinky rubbery side after seeing what it has done for me!

  • Alexa Latex

    Latex makes me feeling like I’m somebody else whilst I’m wearing it. I’m a straight bloke but love wearing women’s latex makes me feel sexy. Sexy clothes and heels shouldn’t be just for females. I found this subculture through your early website and been addicted ever since.

    Yours Rubbery

    Alexa Latex