J Cooney Photography

Volcanic rocks and stunning countryside plus the beauty of hayley in a latex dress by top designer Westward Bound. 15/05/2018
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Out and About in Westward Bound Latex with Hayley Hartley. Drake’s Island, Plymouth, Devon.

Up with the lark and into the kayak, pure inspiration and dedication by top latex fashion model and Westward Bound Brand Ambassador, Hayley Hartley. A morning out with photographer Jon Cooney to take advantage of the glorious sunny weather and the natural beauty of Plymouth’s enchanting coastline. Mixing it with our latex clothing was a stroke of pure genius. Sticking to the small landing beach on the island, Hayley and Jon grabbed some stunning shots that truly reflect the majestic beauty of Plymouth, the choice of HQ for Westward Bound.... Read More

Latex Pussycat invades rubber fashion shoot for Westward Bound. 22/11/2017
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Artwork photo shoot for the Dom Élégance Latex Clothing Collection, Options.

With our brand new latex clothing collection being launched we needed to create a photograph that represented its quality and thought processes. What better than to hold a photo shoot within a pleasant Georgian house in the natural beauty of Devon, England. Being proud of our identity and heritage as a design style company the correct image is of paramount importance. Subtle nods to lineage and references pervade throughout, look out for the “Arts and Crafts” Chalice as well as a certain piece of  artwork by Jamie Reid that reflects... Read More

Dom Elegance Latex clothing collection by fashion designer Westward Bound. 09/10/2017
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NEW Latex Collection. Dom Elègence by Westward Bound. A small reflection on a massive amount of work, a pure labour of love and what you would expect from a célèbre couturier latex.

2018 is heading our way and we are extremely excited at Westward Bound. We have been working flat out since the spring of 2017 on pulling together classic and stylish brand new latex clothing designs; the Dom Elègence Collection. The design narrative has been the fetish/BDSM roots of the latex “dressing for pleasure” scene fused with the high-end fashion sense and style that you would expect from a célèbre couturier latex. We thought it would be fun to share a few advance images with you. The models and photographers working... Read More

Model in latex clothing outdoor location fashion shoot in Plymouth, devon. 28/09/2017
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A bit of fun with Hayley Hartley at Westward Bound location shoot on the Barbican in Plymouth, Devon.

A bit of fun with Hayley Hartley at yesterday’s Westward Bound location shoot on the Barbican, Plymouth. Despite the rainy weather, environmental factors were hot enough to steam-up the inside of the local news channel’s van.  LOL.  Model: Hayley Hartley. Photographer: J Cooney Photography. Location: The Barbican, Plymouth, Devon. UK.        

Model shoot with Jon Cooney and Hayley in Westward Bound latex dress. 20/08/2017
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Early morning, beautiful location latex fashion shoot in Saltburn-by-the Sea, North Yorkshire. August 2017.

Up early in the morning. Behind the Scenes – A rainy day at Westward Bound HQ in Devon, glad to see our friends the photographer Jon Cooney and model Hayley Hartley are making the most a location shoot on the Victorian pier in the beautiful coastal town of  Saltburn-by-the-Sea. Shot in the early hours of this morning, all looks perfect and worth a visit. As those who know Westward Bound well will have noticed, we like to promote and enhance the aesthete. This applies equally to art, fashion and the... Read More

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How Does Latex Make You Feel? Win £250 By Filling Out Our Survey

Whether you’re only just beginning your latex adventure or you’re a veteran in the subculture; we want to hear from you!   At Westward Bound we want to take a closer look at subcultures and identities across the UK, with a focus on the fetish and latex subculture and the feelings it evokes. We’re interested in how latex makes people feel, and the ways in which people interact with subcultures for self expression.   We want to know what attracts our customers to latex, and the link latex has to... Read More

Latex Rubber Usher Dress handmade by Westward Bound Clothing. 21/06/2016

Westward Bound Latex Rubber Dress at Hoxton Arches in London.

We are very excited today for photographer Jon Cooney as his exhibition opens at the Hoxton Arches in London. Pride of place is the shot with model Olivia Harriet in Westward Bound’s Latex Rubber Usher Dress. Please click on header description to see the full image. We are great fans of Jon’s work and we would urge you to catch the show, while you can. We have more projects in line with him and look forward to many more stunning images.

Westward Bound’s ‪Latex Rubber Usher Designer Dress. 01/06/2016

Latex Rubber Usher Designer Dress is the clothing of choice for Olivia Harriet when taking Henna for a stroll at Mount Batten, Plymouth.

Taking advantage of the beautiful scenic views of Britain’s Ocean City and our HQ in Plymouth, Devon. Olivia Harriet in Westward Bound’s ‪Latex Rubber Usher Designer Dress, taking our dog Henna for a stroll at Mount Batten. We love this photo by: J Cooney Photography. Dress worn in Pearl Sheen Sun Gold with White Trim. 100% Designed, Handmade and Photographed in Plymouth, England.

Usher latex rubber dress, designed and handmade in England by Westward Bound. 25/05/2016

Olivia Harriet in Westward Bound Latex. Behind the Scenes at Mount Batten in Plymouth, Devon.

Westward Bound Latex Clothing is based in the city of Plymouth and situated within one of the most beautiful coastal areas of the British Isles. Yesterday was a fun day as we went on on a local location fashion shoot with Olivia Harriet and J Cooney Photography. The sun shone all day and we all had a fantastic day out. Behind the Scenes at Mount Batten, Plymouth, Devon. 24th May 2016. Dress: Usher latex rubber dress. Look our for the finished shots in this journal and on our social media... Read More