Latex Rubber Bolero

Postcards of beautiful latex corset designs. 27/10/2018
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L’art pour l’art. Postcards from Athens and Tokyo by Westward Bound, Latex Clothing Designers.

Westward Bound is much more than a clothing store. We have an ethos for cultural-engagement and adore the creative arts; this stems from a lifelong involvement and love of art, music, dance, style, architecture, great food and a passion for life. Whilst we excel in original latex clothing fashion design, we are defined, to a large part, by our use of portraiture and beautiful imagery. In line with this we have developed and built-up, over a period of 35 years, strong international relationships with leading artists, models and photographers. The... Read More

Latex designer clothing by Westward Bound modelled by Acid Doll in New York 29/01/2017
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Location shoot in New York with Acid Doll, Westward Bound and the legendary Terry Mendoza.

We were flicking through our archive and found this great shot of Acid Doll capturing the bedroom mood in Westward Bound Latex. This wonderful image was taken in 2011 during a location shoot in New York  with the legendary photographer Terry Mendoza. It still looks crisp and fresh, we could not resist sharing it on our journal.

Hand made Designer Latex Lingerie 18/08/2016
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All happening in America, Carrie Lachance in Westward Bound Bordelle-L’Amour Latex photo shoot with Marquis Magazine.

All happening in America, Carrie Lachance in Westward Bound Bordelle-L’Amour Latex Clothing Collection photo shoot with Marquis Magazine in our Bordelle-L’Amour Rubber Lingerie. Can’t wait for the finished shots and to see them in the magazine. Garments worn: Bolero, Longline Latex Bra and Elle Rubber Clincher.  

Latex rubber clothing on the fashion catwalk in Zurich, switzerland. 21/06/2016
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English Latex Fashion on the Catwalk in Zurich, Switzerland.

We are always amazed at how quickly time passes, it is three years since we took these amazing rubber designs to the latex fashion catwalk in Zurich, Switzerland with Paul Mitchell Hair Systems. We love the composition of this shot and the seven designs that so beautifully reflect our range in styles including trousers, dresses, deep suspenders belts, bras, leotards, shirts and skirts; it was a busy event and very glam. 🙂 xx