Dom Élégance Collection

Postcards of beautiful latex corset designs. 27/10/2018
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L’art pour l’art. Postcards from Athens and Tokyo by Westward Bound, Latex Clothing Designers.

Westward Bound is much more than a clothing store. We have an ethos for cultural-engagement and adore the creative arts; this stems from a lifelong involvement and love of art, music, dance, style, architecture, great food and a passion for life. Whilst we excel in original latex clothing fashion design, we are defined, to a large part, by our use of portraiture and beautiful imagery. In line with this we have developed and built-up, over a period of 35 years, strong international relationships with leading artists, models and photographers. The... Read More

Latex Pussycat invades rubber fashion shoot for Westward Bound. 22/11/2017
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Artwork photo shoot for the Dom Élégance Latex Clothing Collection, Options.

With our brand new latex clothing collection being launched we needed to create a photograph that represented its quality and thought processes. What better than to hold a photo shoot within a pleasant Georgian house in the natural beauty of Devon, England. Being proud of our identity and heritage as a design style company the correct image is of paramount importance. Subtle nods to lineage and references pervade throughout, look out for the “Arts and Crafts” Chalice as well as a certain piece of  artwork by Jamie Reid that reflects... Read More

Dom Elegance Latex clothing collection by fashion designer Westward Bound. 09/10/2017
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NEW Latex Collection. Dom Elègence by Westward Bound. A small reflection on a massive amount of work, a pure labour of love and what you would expect from a célèbre couturier latex.

2018 is heading our way and we are extremely excited at Westward Bound. We have been working flat out since the spring of 2017 on pulling together classic and stylish brand new latex clothing designs; the Dom Elègence Collection. The design narrative has been the fetish/BDSM roots of the latex “dressing for pleasure” scene fused with the high-end fashion sense and style that you would expect from a célèbre couturier latex. We thought it would be fun to share a few advance images with you. The models and photographers working... Read More

Model in latex clothing outdoor location fashion shoot in Plymouth, devon. 28/09/2017
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A bit of fun with Hayley Hartley at Westward Bound location shoot on the Barbican in Plymouth, Devon.

A bit of fun with Hayley Hartley at yesterday’s Westward Bound location shoot on the Barbican, Plymouth. Despite the rainy weather, environmental factors were hot enough to steam-up the inside of the local news channel’s van.  LOL.  Model: Hayley Hartley. Photographer: J Cooney Photography. Location: The Barbican, Plymouth, Devon. UK.        

latex corset design for new 2018 collection by Westward Bound Fashion. 02/08/2017
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Queen Bitch Corset from Westward Bound. Dom Élégance Collection, 2018. “…. she’s known in the darkest clubs for pushing ahead of the dames”.

Sneak preview – Queen Bitch Corset from Westward Bound. Dom Élégance Collection, 2018. “…. she’s known in the darkest clubs for pushing ahead of the dames”. x As the leading latex fashion design and manufacturing company, we overheat with excitement at Westward Bound when new designs evolve from concept to reality. See Video. With the pressure on, we are working towards the completion of our brand new and exclusive Dom Élégance Collection for 2018. We melted with excitement when the Queen Bitch Corset arrived from our studio, the stunning lines... Read More

Selfie by Sister Sinister for new rubber clothing collection for 2018 11/06/2017
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New. Dom Élégance Collection, 2018. Hot Latex Images arriving on our desk, featuring Sister Sinister.

As an original latex design and manufacturing company we get mega excited when new concepts translate into ideas in our studio in England, the level of anticipation rises as these translate into brand new garments. As you can appreciate so much work goes into each new item of clothing that by the time initial shots start arriving back from the models we are bursting with excitement and want to share them with you. The past nine months have seen our design team develop an entire new collection for 2018; the... Read More