Le Salon de Frivolités de Mlle Caroline independent blog review on Westward Bound’s Miss D’Lite Suspender Latex Dress.

Honest review of Westward Bound Latex fashion clothing.

We though it would be fun to share this independent blog review on a Westward Bound Latex Dress by a customer in France, Le Salon de Frivolités de Mlle Caroline. Crédits photographiques : Marine Hardy.

Le Salon D’Essayage. Porter du Latex.  For the purpose of this page we have translated the entry from French into English using the Google Translate facility.

“It was a few years since I wanted to try to wear latex, without really having the opportunity. I took the plunge a little more than a year and I can now tell you about it correctly.

First of all, you have to know that I am not a specialist in this subject. I wear it from time to time for evenings but my acquaintances are far from equal those of the lovers of the latex. Also, I will speak briefly of the interview but it is necessary to know that I do the union minimum.

When I had to start, in anticipation of an evening, I asked for advice around me and quickly two big British brands emerged: L#####x and Westward Bound. After a short tour on both sites, I choose to order at Westward Bound because the models seemed more varied and creative.

I ticked a bit on prices, latex is not cheap! So I subscribed to their newsletter and I finally took advantage of a reduction of 40% a little later. I can only encourage you to do the same, they regularly send “flash” discounts, i.e for a short time, but it’s worth it.

I hesitated a lot on the model to choose, I wanted a dress, neither too extravagant nor too simple. I finally chose the Miss D’Lite model, which is part of their bestseller.

Le design de la robe. – The design of the dress.

It is a very tight dress, very short, with a deep neckline, a bare back and integrated garter belts. I found the model sexy and rather elegant. The dress attaches in the neck with an adjustable fastener. For me it was not enough, it was too tight and it pulled me on the neck, I had to retouch the dress.

I had to send it back to England but the retouching was done quickly and the mark was made available by mail so it went well. So I now have 3 levels of closure in the neck instead of two.

I did not make it tailor-made, but it seems to me that it is possible if needed. The sizes go all the same until the 54, but unfortunately, starting from the size 48 there is an additional cost of manufacture. I took it in 44, today I do the 46 and it always goes to me, fortunately that the latex is a material rather extensible (but not infinitely either).

I took it in black, because I said to myself that it would be best for a first dress, it is not too obvious. But you can choose the colour you want from 35 colours, it leaves the choice! Besides today I regret a bit of not having taken a more fun colour!

What I liked about this dress are its details: all the décolleté is decorated with small frills in latex with a knot in the middle. The suspenders are not left behind as each is adorned with a big knot. I love the nodes.

For these details, you can also choose the color. I chose “baby pink”, a pale pink that slices well with black. It’s wise, girly and it changes the total black look. I subsequently ordered a knot to put in the hair (latex also) in this same “baby pink”, to have a matching accessory.

Porter une robe en latex : ça donne quoi? – Wear a latex dress: how does it fit?

It takes a bit of patience first! When the dress arrives it is full of talc to prevent it from sticking on itself. It would be nerd to receive a clump of latex all glued eh? So, it is tallied and gray, but we are content. Why ? Because with talc: it slips! And you, thought you to put it like a normal t-shirt your sexy dress? Why not! Arm yourself with talcum, short nails (latex tears easily), patience and delicate fingering.

For the first time, I screwed myself in the bathtub and I sprayed myself with talc as a baby. Then it seems that there are lubricants to put on the clothes latex, but I admit that the idea of ​​a vaguely viscous stuck stuck between me and a plastic type clothes me shivers horror (even disgust ). Talc is cheap, it smells good, it’s sweet and it’s dry. In spite of that, the donning was comic, and it took me the help of the darling to get over it. Tip: Do not shoot. You pass your whole hands in the dress and you arrange with your palms to adjust. Voilà.

Once put, it is still necessary to remove the talc and make shine all that! To do this you will have to switch from “shiner” on. You can easily find it on the net, on the website of the shop or in specialized shops. The shiner is a silicone oil, which I apply with a foam disc for the foundation on the entire surface of the dress. And tadam it shines with a thousand lights!

I arranged my breasts completely flattened correctly into the neckline and tied the dress in the neck. Well, we are. As I told you, the first time it did not fit in the neck, it was shooting and I had to retouch the dress.
Otherwise, the dress moulds me well but is a tiny bit on the sides at the armpit, but not dramatic. It is short but not indecent, and in terms of feelings my faith … It’s like a second skin, it sticks to itself in suction mode and it feels too much I find.

So I did the test in the evening (a good part of the night). You have to know, if you like to be at ease, drop or opt for things that are not skin-tight, like a skater skater. It’s very sticky, you sweat a lot in it (but you’ll notice it when you remove it), and especially the sensations of warmth and cold are very accentuated. You will do what you want from this info, but I froze the loaves under my coat in winter: D.

L’entretien. – The interview.

Personally I do the minimum. That is, once worn:

I clean the dress with lukewarm water (we can add a little shampoo or neutral soap to make to leave the sweat and the shiner)
I have it dry on my clothes rack with clips so that the dress remains open (especially do not leave it flat, it may stick). It is also possible to dry it between two towels if you are in a hurry.
I talk about it entirely.
I fold it carefully and store it in a black pouch to protect it from light (very important not to leave your latex clothes exposed to light).
It is not hyper-binding, frankly it goes fast.


Clearly I feel hyper sexy in there. The dress puts the shapes in value, and offers a super cleavage. The sensation of the latex on my skin does not bother me, I carried it to several evenings without worries. Without being a fetishist, I appreciate the aesthetics of this material and the creative possibilities it offers. If it tempts you and you hesitate, start, it is an experience :-)”

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