Steve Beech

Postcards of beautiful latex corset designs. 27/10/2018
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L’art pour l’art. Postcards from Athens and Tokyo by Westward Bound, Latex Clothing Designers.

Westward Bound is much more than a clothing store. We have an ethos for cultural-engagement and adore the creative arts; this stems from a lifelong involvement and love of art, music, dance, style, architecture, great food and a passion for life. Whilst we excel in original latex clothing fashion design, we are defined, to a large part, by our use of portraiture and beautiful imagery. In line with this we have developed and built-up, over a period of 35 years, strong international relationships with leading artists, models and photographers. The... Read More

Depeche Mode at the O2 Arena in London, westward Bound Latex designer T.Shirt 24/11/2017

Looking Back to 1984. Martin Gore of Depeche Mode in our first item of clothing. :) Design by Terry Ryan.

Blast from the past, 1984. With several members of the Westward Bound team dancing the night away to Depeche Mode at the O2 Arena in London, on Wednesday night, our minds wandered back to the early years of this amazing English band. Our first garment from way back in 1984. The “Dominatrix” T.Shirt designed by the late Terry Ryan, worn by the lovely Martin Gore of Depeche Mode on the UK’s Top of the Pops. Der Putsch was part of our trail blazing adventure within the world of London’s fetish... Read More

Latex Pussycat invades rubber fashion shoot for Westward Bound. 22/11/2017
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Artwork photo shoot for the Dom Élégance Latex Clothing Collection, Options.

With our brand new latex clothing collection being launched we needed to create a photograph that represented its quality and thought processes. What better than to hold a photo shoot within a pleasant Georgian house in the natural beauty of Devon, England. Being proud of our identity and heritage as a design style company the correct image is of paramount importance. Subtle nods to lineage and references pervade throughout, look out for the “Arts and Crafts” Chalice as well as a certain piece of  artwork by Jamie Reid that reflects... Read More

Martin Gore of Depeche Mode in Westward Bound Clothing 20/01/2017

Roots and Culture – Martin Gore of Depeche Mode in one of our T.Shirts from the 1980’s. Design by Genesis.P.Orridge.

Roots and Culture – Westward Bound, amazing what pops up on social media. Our second T.Shirt design, worn by Martin Gore of Depeche Mode. Designed by Genesis P-Orridge of Throbbing Gristle / Psychic TV for the underground fetish club Der Putsch we were running in London (morphed into Westward Bound). An exclusive art T-Shirt with a restricted print run of 100. Photo taken on tour in Stockholm, Sweden in 1986. Martin and Gen were both friends of our founder Steve Beech and part of the wider contemporary and avant-garde mix.... Read More