Genesis P.Orridge

Martin Gore of Depeche Mode in Westward Bound Clothing 20/01/2017

Roots and Culture – Martin Gore of Depeche Mode in one of our T.Shirts from the 1980’s. Design by Genesis.P.Orridge.

Roots and Culture – Westward Bound, amazing what pops up on social media. Our second T.Shirt design, worn by Martin Gore of Depeche Mode. Designed by Genesis P-Orridge of Throbbing Gristle / Psychic TV for the underground fetish club Der Putsch we were running in London (morphed into Westward Bound). An exclusive art T-Shirt with a restricted print run of 100. Photo taken on tour in Stockholm, Sweden in 1986. Martin and Gen were both friends of our founder Steve Beech and part of the wider contemporary and avant-garde mix.... Read More