Cirque-Bourgeois Latex Clothing Collection

Designed with an emphasis on combining the best of latex fashion house couture styling with fetish nightlife appeal, plus more than a casual eye to the burlesque combined a fusion of steam punk. Make sure you see our gorgeous latex corsets.

Video: Launching the Cirque-Bourgeois Latex Clothing Collection at the Montreal Fetish Weekend. The private afters hotel party soon escalated into a wonderful pillow fight.

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We launched this collection in French speaking Montreal, Quebec to thunderous applause and rapture.

The emphasis of the Cirque Bourgeois Latex Collection is on combining the best of fashion house couture styling with nightlife appeal, plus more than a casual eye to the burlesque with our Eve Nouvelle Latex Rubber Corset and matching selection of mini top hats, berets and fascinators.

Following on from our earlier Femme-A-Licious Latex Clothing Collection we developed the classic themes of French couture and applied some beautiful latex twists and steam punk themes. Wider cultural references abound from the Madame Verne-Wells Underbust Latex Corset, to the Petrine Cross Latex Dress and architectural homage Brunelleschi Latex Dress. Our belief is that is you come from a rich and diverse cultural heritage then you should show it, loud and proud.

Please take the time to visit the various sections of this great collection. Highlighted garments include the stunning Cherry Wambam Latex Rubber Corset from our Latex Corsets range, Boleros, Catsuits, Collars, fabulous Rubber Dresses - look out for the ultra sexy Cirque-Sucre Latex Micro Mini Dress, Gloves and Mitts, Leggings and Tights, Leotards - featuring the drop dead gorgeous Victorie Von Luc Latex Rubber Leotard, Lingerie, Shirts and Blouses, Derriere Latex Rubber Shorts with Lace Front, a must in transparent latex, a fantastic range of Skirts - the High Waisted Miss-Adventures Pencil Latex Rubber Skirt being a Gold Label best seller, Couture Spats, and our elegant Tops including the classic Carnivale Halter Latex Rubber Top and the ever so naughty Mam'zelle Emmeline Latex Rubber Top.


Designed and handmade by Westward Bound Latex Clothing in Devon, England.