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Provenance. Westward Bound - The Making of an Iconic Brand.

Westward Bound - Commissioned Work.

Bordelle-L'Amour Collection  - “Broken Latex Dolls”.

Live in front of a full house - Royal Albert Hall, London.

A stunning arthouse ballet to remember the genius of the late Vidal Sassoon and Paul Mitchell.

Robert Cromeans and Angus Mitchell of Paul Mitchell International for the Alternative Hair Show, London.

Roots and Sub-Culture. 1976 - 1984.

We are not a simple clothing store, the origins and concepts of Westward Bound are culturally rich, diverse and impeccable.

We evolved from a mix of London's punk explosion and the Soho, London underground clubland movements of the late 1970's and early 1980's. Indeed, we were lovingly referred to as "the dark side of the New Romantics," a tag we took as a fabulous compliment and a reflection of our love of a party, with an edge.

Graham Smith and Chris Sullivan's "We Can Be Heroes - (Punks, poseurs, peacocks and people of a particular persuasion) - London Clubland 1976-84." is essential reading on the period.

We were thrilled by the mention within its pages and by the fact it became a featured work within the David Bowie retrospective at the V&A in London.

Another excellent book on the period is Derek Ridges's Dark Carnival.

Special thanks for use of images: Graham Smith, Derek Ridges, Ash Tyrrell, Martin Vintner-Jackson.   


Blitz kids, London club fashion, fetish parties origins of Club Kids.
Latex and Rubber Fetish Party artwork and flyers for Der Putsch in London.

Pushing the envelope, 1983 - 1992. Fetish Parties and SM Holidays.

In 1983 with a solid pedigree in partying behind us, we created Der Putsch the trail-blazing London latex fetish club. "Despite being one of the most secretive clubs in London ... Der Putsch is increasingly being acknowledged as the place to go ... it may be in a dimly-lit club or wine bar or on a riverboat (its most prestigious past venue is probably New York's Danceteria)". City Limits Magazine, London, 1985.

On the back of our nightlife ventures, we established in 1987 "Westward Bound" in Launceston, Cornwall as the "tongue-in-cheek" name of the world's first Bed, Breakfast and Dungeon facility. This unique venture caught the attention of the world's media. We consequently erupted onto the screens of over five million television viewers with "Scarfe on Sex" in 1991 - a documentary exploring different aspects of desire.

Worldwide television and magazine appearances followed, with coverage as diverse as i-D magazine and the South African Argus. This early mass exposure secured our place as "belle of the ball" and gave us the perfect platform for further creative and avant-garde fun.

By 1992, we had become "the most exclusive fetish organisation in the UK". Time Out Magazine, London. A position we still hold 25 years later in 2017.

Westward Bound Latex Rubber Clothing Catalogue from 1992.
Westward Bound daring kinky latex rubber clothing collection from 1994.
Lust for latex, a total rubber designer clothing collection by Westward Bound from 2001.

Putting it out there - The Retail Edge - Changes 1992 - 2013.

Given the extensive and "crafted" publicity we gleaned from the Bed, Breakfast and Dungeon adventure, the decision to start a specialist mail order company was made under the Westward Bound brand in 1992. In order to concentrate on this new and potentially larger venture we opted to cease the London based fetish events Der Putsch and its smaller sister Madame Venus in 1993. 

A shop emerged in 1995, to give a retail face to the brand, and a pioneering website was set up in 1997.

The dungeon facility was closed by 2001 as we moved forwards and concentrated our efforts on designing and handmaking tailored latex clothing.

In January 2013, we took the decision to cease operating our retail store due to the wider structural shift from high street to the Internet. We were very proud of this venture and were sorry to see it go, suffice to say that "time moves on" and we moved with it.      

Of course this is all ancient history but it gives you the outline narrative of a journey that reflects originality, vision, and style.  

Westward Bound's retail fetsih, rubber and latex shop in Plymouth, Devon, England.

Neat Quote.

"It is a testament to the drive and vision of Westward Bound, that more than 30 years since London clubs swung to the snap of cat o'nines and pulse-pumping electro beats, the company rides high as one of the leading design labels, with the majority of sales flying beyond their base in Europe." Von Gutenberg Magazine, CA, USA.

Latex dress, shot on location, rubber photoshoot in France by English Fashion Designer Westward Bound.

Where we are today.

"One of the UK's - perhaps the world's - most successful fetish businesses" TheFetishistas, London.

Our endeavours, designs and kudos have enabled Westward Bound to grow in a considered, evolutionary manner to become a trusted international supplier of luxurious latex garments. Our latex clothing is admired and worn throughout the globe as being amongst the finest there is.

Successive generations of those who like to dress for pleasure, as well as club revellers and party-goers, have appreciated the traditions of design, craft, quality, originality and service we offer.

It is this provenance and integrity, as the inheritors of the artisan, that makes owning a "Westward Bound" essential for the true cognoscenti of desire-couture.

To quote William Morris, we are committed to "the desire to produce beautiful things", as such we are the embodiment of the "arts and crafts" movement when applied to fashion. We remain culturally and artistically bohemian.

Brunelleschi Dress. Model: Amy Modèle. Photo: OL4N. Location: Nantes, France.

Media Projects.

Media Projects. 

In addition to designing and making the very best in latex clothing desire-couture, we happily work with the world's top photographers, filmmakers and models on a wide range of exciting media projects. A recent "bit of fun" was a collaboration between UK "Fashion Expert" Gok Wan and Westward Bound.

TV Mania - ‘Euphoria’ - Dutch Rall and Nick Rhodes (Duran Duran) - featuring Miss Mosh.

TV Mania - ‘Euphoria’ - Dutch Rall - Hypnotic Visual Remix featuring Miss Mosh

TV Mania - ‘Euphoria’ - Dutch Rall - Hypnotic Visual Remix.

TV Mania is Nick Rhodes (Duran Duran) and Warren Cuccurullo.

Original source - Directed by Dutch Rall and Jean Renard in Los Angeles, California. USA.

Starring Miss Mosh in Westward Bound's Damoiselle Dress.




Location: Los Angeles, California. USA.

On the catwalk in Montreal, Quebec.