Olivier Lannes

Westward Bound Brunelleschi Latex Rubber Dress 25/04/2016

“Femme Fatale” – Kruwela Manière in Westward Bound’s Brunelleschi Latex Rubber Dress.

“Femme Fatale”. We are thrilled to welcome Kruwela Manière to Westward Bound in our Brunelleschi Latex Rubber Dress. We simply love this shot by Olivier Lannes with OL4N Photo in Nantes, France. Designed with an eye to perspective and the encapsulating beauty of lines and curves; this dress provides a hard yet soft vision that reflects the underlying glory of its 14th century Renaissance heritage with an unashamed 21st century twist. MUA : Nadège Makeup and Nail Artist Nantes Hair : Holbecq Denis