NEW Latex Collection. Dom Elègence by Westward Bound. A small reflection on a massive amount of work, a pure labour of love and what you would expect from a célèbre couturier latex.

2018 is heading our way and we are extremely excited at Westward Bound. We have been working flat out since the spring of 2017 on pulling together classic and stylish brand new latex clothing designs; the Dom Elègence Collection. The design narrative has been the fetish/BDSM roots of the latex “dressing for pleasure” scene fused with the high-end fashion sense and style that you would expect from a célèbre couturier latex.

We thought it would be fun to share a few advance images with you. The models and photographers working directly with us on this new fantastic and exciting adventure have been: Sister Sinister and Terminal F in Germany, Carrie LaChance and ArchEnemys Studios in the USA, and Hayley Hartley and J Cooney Studios in the UK. With some 6,000 images and 150 videos currently being edited and refined to a final presentation, you can imagine the work involved. More a labour of love if truth be told. A tiny preview is reflected here.

See Video of Carrie LaChance, Westward Bound Designer Latex Clothing and Champagne. All is as it should be. 🙂

Special thanks equally go to Romaine Smith and Nath-Sakura Photographer in France, and Červená Fox working with Radiant Inc in the USA ; the Lifestyle shots are an essential part of our work.

From a design angle, the concentration has been intense with manufacturing not only keeping to timescales for existing orders but working on new designs and making prototypes. We are exhausted but can see the end in sight. As things stand, we are aiming for perfection at launch and hoping that all will be in place by late 2017. Please ensure you are on our e.mailing list for more details.




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  • EDD

    Hey guys and Gals you are aiming for perfection so if your past is anything to go by take a breath and enjoy the ride. You got this in the bag already. Lets hope the exchange rates are not going to hurt. That is the only concern i would have because your quality and service are AWESOME.