Artwork photo shoot for the Dom Élégance Latex Clothing Collection, Options.

With our brand new latex clothing collection being launched we needed to create a photograph that represented its quality and thought processes. What better than to hold a photo shoot within a pleasant Georgian house in the natural beauty of Devon, England. Being proud of our identity and heritage as a design style company the correct image is of paramount importance.

Subtle nods to lineage and references pervade throughout, look out for the “Arts and Crafts” Chalice as well as a certain piece of  artwork by Jamie Reid that reflects back to early Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm Mclaren. Both being major influences, in appearance and attitude, on the origins of Westward Bound as well as British fashion design with a stylish and subversive edge.

The banner shoot pulled together our Head of Design Sarah Beech, Photographer Jon Cooney and Model Hayley Hartley with Westward Bound’s founder Steve Beech as Art Director. It was a fast moving, concentrated evening and great fun. Outtakes below.

Items worn above: Domme Latex Top and Sado Latex Stockings.

Items worn above: Servitor Latex Suspender Dress and Madame Soigne Latex Stockings.

Behind the Scenes: Photographer – Jon Cooney. Head of Design – Sarah Beech. Model – Hayley Hartley.

Items worn above:  Madame Soigne Latex Bolero, Dom Élégance D.Ring Latex Collar, Queen Bitch Latex Corset, Queen Bitch Latex Thong, Dom Élégance Latex Wrist Gloves and Deluxe Latex Stockings.



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